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With a little bit of luck — a rare commodity lately — by now you have heard the sound of roaring engines at a track close to you, and your racing season has begun. 
We had ourselves a silent spring, a weird season when you rarely knew how to feel, what to say, when to grin and when to grimace. 
He was straight from the old school, where the only lesson that counted was: “Don’t give up.” 
It was a dark autumn and a mournful winter, full of condolence cards and flower-delivery orders and suits to be dry cleaned and services to attend. 
Anthony Joseph Foyt turned 85 in January and the internet was awash in the Texamericana that comes with every Foyt milestone.
As always, the obituaries told you what the man did, but not enough about who he was.
Here he came, easing through the restaurant door because easing is the best he can do, heading toward a wicker chair that for a healthy man would have been five paces away. 
We think we know what makes them special, but that’s only true to a degree. 
My friend Ken Squier, the Hall-of-Fame broadcaster, says racing’s real draw is that it showcases “common people doing uncommon things.”
What hooked us all, I suppose, was the romance of racing, that weekly step into the unknown. And that is what brings us back, time after time. 

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