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Roger Penske was already part of the conversation as one of the most respected individuals in motorsports through his remarkable success on the track and in the boardroom.
Roger Penske had a great deal of respect for the late Pat Patrick, who passed away recently at the age of 91. (IndyCar Photo)
Rivals on the track and comrades away from competition, Roger Penske and Pat Patrick shared the common bond of respect.
Roger Penske welcomes a fan at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway front gates Thursday. (IndyCar Photo)
Three days and one month short of the one-year anniversary of Roger Penske announcing that he had purchased Indianapolis Motor Speedway and IndyCar from the Hulman George family, he got to finally welcome fans to the speedway.
Roger Penske IndyCar Photo
Nobody in motorsports was hit harder by the coronavirus than Roger Penske. 
Roger Penske gave the command to start the engines prior to the start of Sunday's Indianapolis 500. (IndyCar Photo)
From giving the command to congratulating the winning team after the 104th Indianapolis 500, Sunday was the day Indianapolis Motor Speedway Roger Penske has been waiting for since he purchased the speedway and IndyCar from the Hulman George family on Nov. 4, 2019.
Roger Penske will give the command to start engines prior to the 104th Indianapolis 500 on Sunday. (IndyCar Photo)
A new era of the Indianapolis 500 will dawn in Sunday’s 104th running of the world’s most famous race as the Penske Era begins with owner Roger Penske giving the command, “Drivers, start your engines.”
Penske Issues Letter
Roger Penske, the owner of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Indianapolis 500 and IndyCar, sent a letter Thursday morning to the fans, expressing his deepest disappointment they won’t be able to attend Sunday’s 104th Indianapolis 500.
Roger Penske pulled up on a scooter to the VIP Tower at Road America before Sunday morning’s IndyCar Series Rev Group Grand Prix presented by AMR ready for his next meeting
Roger Penske (IndyCar Photo)
Difficult times call for bold leadership. That is what Roger Penske and his team are attempting to do as they guide the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Indianapolis 500 and IndyCar through one of the most uncertain times in history.
Bruce Martin Mug
When Roger Penske became the owner of Indianapolis Motor Speedway and IndyCar on Jan. 6, he wasn’t in the office popping corks off bottles of champagne in celebration.

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