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Ron Lemasters Jr.
Roger Penske, in his long and glorious motorsports career, has several houses worth of trophies and other awards.
Roger Penske at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. (IMS Photo)

Indy: End Of An Era

The end of one era is the beginning of another for the Indianapolis 500, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and IndyCar.
Roger Penske (left) with Mark Donohue.
Love him or hate him, and there are many on both sides of that equation, Roger Penske’s unprecedented success in the Indianapolis 500 deserves recognition.   
The reactions to Roger Penske's acquisition of Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the NTT IndyCar Series have drawn a number of reactions on Twitter. (IndyCar Photo)
The news that 18-time Indianapolis 500 winning car owner Roger Penske was acquiring Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the NTT IndyCar Series shocked the motorsports world on Monday morning.
Power Rankings
We're back with a new edition of the SPEED SPORT Power Rankings! Is there a new No. 1 this week, or has Marc Marquez held his position at the top?
Change Is In
Next year’s Indianapolis 500 will, no doubt, be a very different experience for motorsports business mogul and veteran NTT IndyCar Series team owner Roger Penske.
Penske: NASCAR 'Needs
Questions have circulated for the last several years about the future of NASCAR racing at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
On Monday the entire motorsports world was shocked to find out 18-time Indianapolis 500 race winning car owner Roger Penske had acquired not only Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but also the NTT IndyCar Series.
Tony George was fill with emotion on Monday during the announcement that Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the NTT IndyCar Series had been sold to Roger Penske. (IndyCar Photo)
Tony George called the sale of his family’s legacy — Indianapolis Motor Speedway — bittersweet.
Roger Penske received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Donald Trump on Thursday. (IndyCar Photo)
President Donald Trump awarded Roger Penske with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor available in the United States, on Thursday during a ceremony at the White House.

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