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Some claimed Tazio Nuvolari made a pact with the devil that endowed him with his eerie talent in a race car.
On the heels of a 1935 Alfa Romeo car driven by auto racing legend Tazio Nuvolari selling for a record $9.37 million, Motostalgia, one of the world’s premier luxury automobile auction companies has announced it will offer a 1950 Cisitalia-Abarth 204A
Some insisted that Tazio Nuvolari had made a pact with the devil. His of another realm performances behind the wheel of a speeding race car certainly bolstered that suspicion
American road racing entered a new era on Oct. 12, 1936, when Italian Tazio Nuvolari won the new George Vanderbilt Cup during the grand opening of Roosevelt Raceway on New York’s Long Island.

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