Wall Stadium Suspends Operations

    Wall (N.J.) Stadium

    Wall (N.J.) Stadium

    WALL, N.J. — Wall Stadium, the 60-year-old speedway only recently saved from permanent closure, has suspended racing operations pending further notice.

    Rumors of the abrupt end to the 2010 racing season began to sweep through the racing community last week and were confirmed when the track posted a notice on its Route 34 marquee reading “Racing Cancelled Till Further Notice” and placed a photograph of that sign on the speedway’s website.

    Subsequently, promoter Jim Morton issued a statement saying that the closure was “a flat out matter of money.” Morton, who leases the property, went on to say that he sought to renegotiate the lease, but that he was turned down.

    Speaking on behalf of the ownership group, co-owner Timothy Shinn was quoted in The Asbury Park Press as saying that the decision to close the track was made by them as a result of their not being able to reach an agreement with Morton.

    Shinn stated that, “if there are people out there who would have an interest in leasing (the track) we would be more than amenable to sitting down with them.”

    Wall Stadium was opened in 1950 and raced continually through 2007, but in 2008 the current owners decided against continuing their own operation and put the property on the market.

    In late 2008 Morton, a longtime fan, leased the track for the season-ending Turkey Derby and then struck a deal to operate the track regularly in 2009. Morton continued promoting the track in 2010 until the recent action. In January of this year Morton told NSSN that he knew “how to make this place tick,” but he was not able make ends meet under current conditions.

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