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Kraig Kinser Daryn Pittman Mark Funderburk Photo
Father Time hits as hard as a Mike Tyson uppercut. It might not be a knockout blow, but the aches and pains noticed while climbing out of bed each morning can be just as severe. 
Conrad Morgan turns laps at an empty Slinger Super Speedway during a test session recently at the Wisconsin track. (Bob Schneider Jr. Photo)
Sunday was supposed to be the start of the 73rd season of racing at Slinger Super Speedway.
Social media provides both joy and peril in a digital age when everyone has an outlet to express their opinion, promoting certain things while vilifying others with a few pushes on their cellphone before nudging the send button for all to view. 
1955 Indianapolis 500
During one of auto racing’s most dangerous eras, there was one exceedingly deadly year in which 100 spectators and a half dozen drivers, some of them racing icons, perished. 
Ron Lemasters Jr. Mug
Motorsports is, and always has been, cyclical.
What hooked us all, I suppose, was the romance of racing, that weekly step into the unknown. And that is what brings us back, time after time. 
The best racing stories come from the foot soldiers, the guys who seldom get interviewed. They are there when everything happens, and their memories stay raw.
Even in racing, everybody gets started somewhere.
Racing is racing. Once a driver puts on a helmet and straps into the cockpit, it’s impossible to guess if the racer is male or female, younger or older — or which country issued his/her passport.
Chris Windom
If versatility and consistency are the hallmarks of a truly great race car driver, Chris Windom has already proven he’s one of America’s best.

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