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POSSE NOTES: Grove Gains
Before rolling off on the pole for Friday’s All Star Circuit of Champions feature at Williams Grove, Anthony Macri exhaled deeply, perhaps out of nervousness or excitement or everything in between.
POSSE NOTES: Matt Campbell
Matt Campbell understands how every nut and bolt works on the sprint cars he wheels every weekend, not necessarily out of necessity, but because he genuinely loves the shop grind.
POSSE NOTES: Buckwalter
Steve Buckwalter knows he has the intangibles to run with the best in Central Pennsylvania. Last season didn’t particularly prove that, though.
Chad Trout knew the feeling all too well. It had been a thorn in his side for as long as he could recall, and his mechanic, Brandon Weibley, understood Trout’s struggle.
POSSE NOTES: Montieth Scores
Brian Montieth cruised to his 66th victory at Lincoln Speedway on Monday night, but his latest celebration played out much different than the previous 65.

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