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RODDA: Living A Sweet Life

It began 25 years ago in a box stock kart at Prairie City’s dirt track.

RODDA: Track Savers

The first segment of our annual Midwest racing trip happened to visit a group of tracks that fell into one general category.

RODDA: NorCal Notes

Is it an odd numbered year problem?

RODDA: NorCal Notes

The first race of the year occurred on New Year’s Day afternoon at Stockton Dirt Track, when four divisions brought 81 cars to the four-tenths-mile fairgrounds oval.

RODDA: NorCal Notes

The first weekend of April brought two first time happenings to Northern California racing.

RODDA: NorCal Notes

Being a second generation driver is relatively common. A third generation driver is certainly harder to find. A fourth generation driver, now that is something rare.

RODDA: NorCal Notes

Stockton, located about 75 miles south of home base, has a pair of minor league teams, a baseball and a hockey franchise. Both play in relatively new facilities, but is racing that finds the city in a class of its own. We don’t know of any other city that can claim as many race tracks as Stockton.

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