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As May 1968 approached, chatter about turbine engines dominated Indy car racing.
The Indianapolis 500 is as much a celebration of the grand tradition of the event — a race that first took place in 1911 — as it is the evolution and technological advancement of the racing car.
The Little 500 will celebrate its 70th running on Saturday night, May 26, at Indiana’s Anderson Speedway.
This month, we’ll take a look at the legal aspects of racing and their impact on the economics of the sport.
Doug Yates is carrying on a deep-rooted family tradition of producing horsepower and winning races.
As much as we focus on what’s happening on the track, a good announcer can be a valuable guide and informant; a great one can take it to a whole new level.
Michael Andretti
As a driver, Michael Andretti led 431 laps during the Indianapolis 500.
For those of us who were youngsters in the 1960s, grew up in the ’70s, came of age in the ’80s and were adults in the ’90s, ABC introduced us to the Indianapolis 500.
Thousands of people may say their favorite part of the workday is driving home. For Indianapolis Motor Speedway President Doug Boles, that’s true — but for an impressively unique reason.
Little 500
There’s an excitement in Kyle Hamilton’s voice as he recalls evenings at paved ovals in Indiana that were such an important part of his childhood.

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