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In this month’s edition of the Business of Speed, we examine the financial and operational performance of the largest public companies in the motorsports sector.
USAC Three-Wide Knoxville
For nearly two decades, the famed Knoxville Nationals was run without wings atop the sprint cars competing on Knoxville (Iowa) Raceway’s half-mile, black-dirt oval.
By his own admission, Billy Venturini didn’t suddenly decide to turn Venturini Motorsports into a developmental team.
I recently created a post on Facebook about utilizing social media for the better.
Sean Rayhall
Sean Rayhall walked away from professional racing in December and, at the time, had no plans to be back in a race car of any kind.
The inaugural event took place December 30, 1962 with the “Shake, Rattle and Run” ’57 Chevy entry being one of the fastest cars that day. (Wayne Bryant Photo)
The indoor drag races at Chicago’s International Amphitheatre during the 1960s were a unique series of events with no known indoor drag racing having taken place before or since.
Formula One is returning to the Netherlands next year as the Dutch Grand Prix makes its first appearance since 1985. That is a fact.
SPEED SPORT has been around for 85 years and covered all of racing's major moments.
The popularity of auto racing at county fairs on the East Coast during the early 1930s served as the catalyst from which the SPEED SPORT brand was born 85 years ago.
Shocking images of the poorly attended early-April NASCAR race at Bristol (Tenn.) Motor Speedway linger. 
Owning a professional sprint car team is about as lucrative as owning a gym membership.

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