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Auto racing at the Bloomsburg Fair, the largest fair in Pennsylvania, dates back to the roaring ’20s. Many notable drivers have competed at the fairgrounds.
West Virginia Motor Speedway
Cody Watson, the man behind WVMS Promotions, LLC, is leasing the five-eighths-mile West Virginia Motor Speedway from the PM Company in a five-year deal.
Circle City Raceway will open for business later this year. (Circle City Raceway Photo)
Indianapolis is nicknamed the “Circle City” because of Monument Circle, which is located in the heart of downtown.
My husband always says, as he watches me snow ski with limited skill, “If you’re not falling, you’re not trying.” To which I always reply, “Why in the world would I WANT to fall?”
Shane Stewart VL 2020 Williams Grove (Julia Johnson Photo)
As much as race car drivers are protected, cinched tight by a five-point harness inside a unique cockpit of custom tubing, the sport is dangerous. 
Adam Fenwick
Does winning a championship at a track sanctioned by NASCAR hold more weight than winning a championship at a track that operates independently or is sanctioned by another organization?
Hickory Motor Speedway Adam Fenwick Photo
There are thousands of race car drivers across the United States who will never get the opportunity to race for a NASCAR Cup Series championship.
I’m trying hard to put a good spin on the situation, but so far I’ve had no luck.
After more than 25 years of chasing checkered flags, Kyle Strickler has hit the reset button and one of America’s premier modified racers is transitioning to his new role as a touring late model driver.
Mike Kerchner
Dirt is gold. At least it is right now in the racing industry.

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