Therrien Blisters ACT Foes At White Mountain


NORTH WOODSTOCK, N.H. – Rookie Bobby Therrien set a blistering pace on his way to his first career American Canadian Tour win in Saturday’s 150-lap event at White Mountain Motorsports Park.

Therrien led all but two of the 150 laps as the event saw just one caution. Therrien and runner-up finisher Brock Davis broke away from the field following the lap 44 caution and built a large lead while negotiating heavy lapped traffic.

Current ACT point leader Wayne Helliwell Jr. worked his way up from his ninth starting position to third, but couldn’t catch the lead two. Brent Dragon took fourth while Joey Polewarczyk Jr. came all the way from 18th to complete the top five. Jimmy Hebert took sixth while Ben Lynch marched from 20th to seventh. Glen Luce earned eighth, Jeff White ninth and Quinny Welch recovered from a spin to complete the top ten.

Therrien and Davis built a nearly half-track lead over the rest of the field during the final 106 laps under green. Therrien crossed the line 40 minutes and 38 seconds after the green flag.

Therrien becomes the ninth ACT Bond Invitational qualifier for the Sept. 21 event at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. He joins Hebert, Helliwell, Polewarczyk, Brian Hoar, Jean-François Déry, Donald Theetge, Derrick O’Donnell and Cody Blake.

The finish:

Bobby Therrien, Brock Davis, Wayne Helliwell Jr., Brent Dragon, Joey Polewarczyk Jr., Jimmy Hebert, Ben Lynch, Glen Luce, Jeff White, Quinten Welch, Nick Sweet, Chip Grenier, Joey M. Laquerre, Travis Stearns, Rowland Robinson Jr., D.J. Shaw, Todd Davis, Ray Parent, Luke Hinkley, Mike Kenison, Kyle Welch, Jimmy Linardy, Katrina Canney, John Falconi, Travis Fadden.