Theetge Is Best Of Quebec Stockers


VALLEE-JUNCTION, Quebec —Donald Theetge scored a win in the Série ACT Castrol 150 lap event at Autodrome Chaudiere Saturday.

Theetge led the final six laps of the event after dominant leader Patrick Laperle suffered heartbreak when he broke a driveshaft joint on lap 144. Dany Trepanier followed Theetge to the line for second followed by Jean-François Déry.

Theetge and Laperle worked their way through the 26-car field from the twelfth and eleventh starting positions respectively. Theetge got around early leader Patrick Hamel on lap 37 and began making his way through heavy lap traffic over a long green flag run. Laperle took the lead in the outside lane following a lap 70 restart and appeared to have the car to beat as he dominated for the next 70 laps. He appeared to have the race in hand as he built a lead working his way through lap traffic, but he unexpectedly slowed coming down the front stretch on lap 144 and coasted to a stop at the top of turn two2 after his driveshaft failure.

Theetge held off Trepanier who was all over his back bumper for the final six laps. Déry, Steven Boissonneault and Sylvain Lacombe completed the top five.

The event was completed in 56 minutes and 48 seconds with just five cautions. A total of 30 cars attempted to qualify for the 26 car field.

The finish:

Donald Theetge, Dany Trepanier, Jean-Francois Dery, Steven Boissonneault, Sylvain Lacombe, Etienne Cliche, Tony Cote, Eric LeHoux, Patrick Hamel, David Michaud, Jonathan Desbiens, Steve Lesage, Karl Allard, Stephane Descoste, Gaetan Lauzier, Spencer MacPherson, Marc Beaudoin, Jacques Poulin, Eric Giguere, Patrick Laperle, Claude Leclerc, Patrick Boyer, Maxime Pelletier, Patrick Cliche, Jonathan Bouvrette, Gaetan Gaudreault