SpeedFest Moves To Watermelon Oval


CORDELE, Ga. — Officials from Champion Racing Ass’n announced the last-minute move of SpeedFest 2012 from Lanier Speedway to Watermelon Capital Speedway Jan. 28-29.

The event hosts the top Super Late Models and Pro-Late Models in a traditional, annual pre-season showdown. After developments Monday, CRA officials deemed the move necessary.

CRA co-owner R. J. Scott explained the need for the move: “As a company, we have a responsibility to put the racers in the best position possible, and the promoter had a different agenda than we did for the event…an agenda that we felt was not right, where the racers were concerned. CRA just finished its 15th year in business, and we plan to be around for many more years. The current promoter at Lanier had made it known that he was planning to get out of racing after SpeedFest, and we felt like he had an agenda different than ours for the event. There is a limit to what you can and/or should charge a racer for things, and you have to draw the line somewhere. There are some necessary evils that racers have to endure, but there is absolutely a limit to what they have to endure. It would have certainly been easier for us as officials to just continue the event Lanier, but in our opinion, it would not have been the right thing for the racers.”

All of the original details of the event are currently staying the same, specifically the purse, days and times, with only the location changing.

Glenn Luckett, CRA co-owner and managing partner noted, “Since we will now be able to control the entire event, CRA itself will be able to guarantee the purse and its full payment. We have numerous racers that are in full support of the move, securing what’s best for the racers, including NASCAR Cup competitors Kyle Busch and David Ragan as well as Bill Elliott’s race team, who will all be at Marvin Ragan’s three-eighths-mile track in Georgia. It may add a couple hours drive for some people, but we make decisions like this for the racers, our community and the long-term prosperity of our sport. Sometimes the right thing to do is not the easiest thing to do, but this is definitely the right thing to do and it ensures the best chance for a successful event for the racers.”


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