New Owners For Northwest Super Late Model Tour


SPOKANE, Wash. – Officials with the Northwest Super Late Model Series have announced that the series has been acquired by a new group known as Northwest Super Late Model Tour LLC.

Since its launch in 2014, the series had been under the ownership of Evans Racing Enterprises. With Garrett Evans entering a new phase in his racing career, he struck a deal with Jarrod Goodwin, Troy and Tillie Blanton along with Dan and Annette Garber that will see the show go on for years to come.

“We’ve been talking about this opportunity for a while and Garrett presented a package to us that will allow for this new ownership group to grow beyond where we have been the last few seasons and hopefully see some exciting new prospects in coming years,” Goodwin said.

Rules and track agreements are in place with the new ownership group with promotional and public relations activities being planned for the upcoming season and beyond, Goodwin added.

“We got our rulebook out early for the teams to plan for the new year, had the agreements in place for the current season which made the ownership change smooth for all involved,” Goodwin said.

The series expects little noticeable changes to the teams, drivers and fans when racing resumes this spring.

“We will have the same inspectors onboard with us this season and are gearing this year’s race dates towards one-day shows trying to minimize the expense for teams,” Goodwin explained. “Our goal is to provide a team with the chance to race the series in a one-day format which can lead to a savings on travel and other racing expenses. Our track partners are excited for the new year with this leadership group and we’re already hearing from future venues for upcoming seasons.”