New Body Options For Granite State Pro Stocks


CHARLESTOWN, N.H. – The Granite State Pro Stock Series will allow its competitors to use two new body options next season.

The new AR Revolution reskin kit, to be released at PRI 2019, will be legal for 2020 along with 5 Star’s Gen 6 body that was released one year ago. Both of these new body options will carry a 20 pound weight penalty for the 2020 racing season.

The Approved Body Configuration (ABC) bodies have been the same since 2002 when the ABC committee adopted the current set of rules. In 2019 5 Star released their Gen 6 body and the Granite State Pro Stock Series chose to remain with the ABC program. Now, with AR releasing their version, the series has made the decision to approve the new package.

“While we believe strongly in the ABC body program, we feel that the time is right to allow these two new options for our competitors,” said series president Mike Parks. “As things play out over the next year, we will continue to evaluate where we go in the future. ABC has plans for change in the next year or so and we will be watching that closely.”

As for the weight penalty, the series wanted to make sure that teams didn’t feel like they had to have the new body.

“The ABC program has worked very well for our series,” said Parks. “Both Nathan Kelly (head technical inspector) and I felt it was important that a team that didn’t need a new body, didn’t feel like they had to have one. Despite the fact that we are racing Pro Stocks we are still trying to keep the cost of racing in check.”

Fans of the series will get to see the new bodies for the first time at Claremont Motorsports Park at the end of April.