MacDonald Wins Another ACT Invitational

Eddie MacDonald in victory lane at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. (Eric LeFleche photo)
Eddie MacDonald in victory lane at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. (Eric LeFleche photo)
Eddie MacDonald in victory lane at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. (Eric LeFleche photo)

LOUDON, N.H. — Eddie MacDonald claimed his third ACT Invitational victory in the fifth annual Bond Auto ACT Invitational at New Hampshire Motor Speedway Saturday.

MacDonald pocketed $8,300 for his efforts as he fended off ACT Champions Wayne Helliwell Jr. and Brian Hoar. MacDonald previously won the ACT Invitational in 2009 and 2011.

MacDonald worked his way through the field from his 26th starting position and seemed to settle in to the top five through the halfway mark. Polesitter Travis Stearns and Quinten Welch swapped the lead over the first dozen laps and two of the three total cautions. Following the second restart, eight-time ACT champion took the point and battled with Welch until the third and final caution at the halfway point.

On the final restart of the 50-lap event, Helliwell and Hoar broke out to the point with MacDonald in tow. MacDonald took over the lead on lap 35 and held off Helliwell over the final 15 laps. Helliwell could get to his rear bumper, but couldn’t find the momentum to make the pass.

MacDonald and Helliwell were followed to the line by Hoar, Aaron Fellows and 2010 ACT Invitational winner Joey Polewarczyk Jr. Tom Carey Jr., Quinten Welch, Quebec’s Jean-François Déry, Nick Sweet and Glen Luce completed the top 10.

The 50-lap event saw a fiery crash on lap four as Matt White took a hard hit on the frontstretch that took four cars out of the event and brought out a red flag. All drivers were OK. The second caution period was brought out on lap eight as Bryan Mercer was slowed with a flat tire. The third and final yellow flag waved for 70-year-old Joey Laquerre as he spun coming out of turn four and made hard contact with the inside wall, ending his day.

The event was completed in 58 minutes and 28 seconds. It saw 8 lead changes among five drivers. Eddie MacDonald won by a margin of .758 seconds.

The finish:

Eddie MacDonald, Wayne Helliwell Jr., Brian Hoar, Aaron Fellows, Joey Polewarczyk Jr., Tom Carey Jr., Quinten Welch, Jean-Francois Dery, Nick Sweet, Barre, Glen Luce, Alex Labbe, Ben Lynch, Travis Stearns, Jamie Aube, Jimmy Hebert, Guy Caron, Luke Hinkley, Ray Parent, Brandon Atkins, Jonathan Bouvrette, Bryan Mercer, Josh Masterson, Bobby Therrien, Todd Davis, Shawn Martin, Taylor Martin, Dave Farrington Jr., Jerry Dawson, Dany Trepanier, John Falconi, Jimmy Linardy, Cody Blake, Matt Anderson, Jamie Fisher, Rowland Robinson Jr., Joey Laquerre, Sean Kennedy, Ricky Roberts, John Lowinski-Loh, Matt White, Joey M. Laquerre, Emily Packard, Kyle Welch