Gelinas Overcomes Gate City Adversity

Larry Gelinas in victory lane after winning Sunday's Granite State Pro Stock Series event at Hudson (N.H.) Int'l Speedway. (GSPSS Photo)
Larry Gelinas in victory lane after winning Sunday's Granite State Pro Stock Series event at Hudson (N.H.) Int'l Speedway. (GSPSS Photo)
Larry Gelinas in victory lane after winning Sunday’s Granite State Pro Stock Series event at Hudson (N.H.) Int’l Speedway. (GSPSS Photo)

HUDSON, N.H. – Patience was a virtue as Larry Gelinas bounced back from an early spin to claim the spoils during the Granite State Pro Stock Series Gate City Classic at Hudson Int’l Speedway Sunday.

Bobby Cabral looked to be the car to beat at the beginning of the day, as the 2012 champion in the Granite State Pro Stock Series was strong in his heat, picking up the checkered and setting himself up nicely for the feature. Mike Parks would join Cabral on the front row of the feature by virtue of Parks winning the second heat and Cabral drawing the No. 1 pill, resulting in no inversion of qualified cars.

Cabral would lead early but would be involved in an incident on lap 25, stoppping him from becoming a two-time winner with the series at Hudson. Mike Parks would inherit the lead, fighting off multiple threats from Dillon Moltz. Moltz would get the better of Parks eventually, and log some laps at the point of the field.

Just past the halfway mark in the 100-lap event Gelinas, who had been hovering in the top five most of the day, went careening to the infield after incidental contact with hometown driver Derek Griffith. Gelinas never lifted, whipping the car back onto the track before the leaders could put a lap on him.

Another of the 15 cautions on the day brought Gelinas back to the pack. Brad Babb, who had been running in the top five a good portion of the day, found himself at the back of the pack after a tire rub sent him down pit road. Griffith would find himself in the lead after starting from the 19th spot. To the delight of the crowd Griffith held his own, but both Gelinas and Babb were chasing him down for the lead.

Gelinas would overtake Griffith and fend off a threat from Babb on a late restart to pick up his second career victory with the Granite State Pro Stock Series.

“I watched things as they happened and took the spots when I could,” said Gelinas. “Babb raced well with me, and gave me some breaks. I’ll remember that. It was a good race.” Gelinas has two second place finishes to go along with his Gate City Classic victory, but isn’t ready to put it on cruise control just yet. “You can’t take that for granted. A lot of it is luck. We are lucky, we haven’t had any mechanical issues so far; we just have to keep our fingers crossed.”

Babb, who started 16th on the field, would settle for second, while Griffith held onto third. Craig Weinstein ran a clean race and picked up the fourth spot, while Moltz held on to fifth.

The finish:

Larry Gelinas, Brad Babb, Derek Griffith, Craig Weinstein, Dillon Moltz, Keith Caruso, Matt Frahm, George Helliwell, Barry Gray, Tommy O’Sullivan, Mike Parks, Erick Sands, Ron Smith, Geoff Rollins, Cory Casagrande, Bobby Cabral, Carl Eriksson, Fran Colson, Dennis Maxfield, Cory Robert.