Fredrickson Bumps Off Goede At Elko


ELKO, Minn. — A late race battle turned to a final turn excitement as Dan Fredrickson grabbed the lead from Jacob Goede as he claimed victory in the ASA Midwest Tour presented by SCAG Power Equipment and Lester Buildings Thunderstruck 93 Saturday at Elko Speedway.

ECHO and ECHO Bearcat Touring Star Chris Weinkauf took the lead from pole sitter Derek Lemke on the opening lap. Weinkauf soon had fourth starting Goede challenging and on lap four, Goede took command of the race. Jonathan Eilen then stepped things up as he moved by Weinkauf and pulled in behind Goede.

The leaders ran together as the first caution of the race waved for Chris Wimmer, who stopped on the track with mechanical problems. When the race went back to green, Goede and Eilen continued the fight for the lead as Nick Murgic tracked down the front pair. Jerick Johnson’s spin slowed the action on lap 23 and when the racing resumed, Goede continued to show the way.

Molly Rhoads would bring out the final caution of the race after she spun on lap 37. Goede still held the lead, but Murgic stepped things up as he took over second, while ECHO Bear Cat Quick Cut Fast Qualifier Fredrickson was slowly working his way to the front. Goede extended his lead to a few car lengths over Murgic, Fredrickson, Skylar Holzhausen and Eilen just before the break on lap 61.

Teams made adjustments during the 10-minute break and when the green waved, Goede had Murgic looking to the inside. Murgic was unable to pull off the pass, before Fredrickson was finally able to get by on lap 68.

Goede’s rear view mirror quickly filled with Fredrickson as he sought a way around. Goede held strong as he maintained the top spot over Fredrickson, while Eilen rallied to the third spot. Fredrickson tried to get under Goede and the leaders made contact several times in the final 15 laps of the race. Each time however, Goede was able to hold on to the lead.

As the white flag waved, the leaders ran tight and exiting the final turn, they made contact getting Goede slightly out of shape as Fredrickson dove under and took the lead just feet from the finish line. Fredrickson took home the win, his third Thunderstruck 93 race in a row. Goede crossed the line second, while Eilen held strong to finish third.

“I wanted to get up there and wiggle him a little,” said Fredrickson following the race. “He did what he had to do and I did what I had to do and I won.”

Goede was very frustrated after leading 95 of the race’s 100 laps.

“I did everything I could, I gave him the lane, but he wanted mine,” said Goede describing the contact out of the final turn.

The finish:

Dan Fredrickson, Jacob Goede, Jonathan Eilen, Skylar Holzhausen, Nathan Haseleu, Nick Murgic, Donny Reuvers, Adam Royle, Matt Tifft, Chris Weinkauf, Cardell Potter, Brian Roach, Jason Weinkauf, Derek Lemke, Molly Rhoads, Nick Barstad, Matt Goede, Jerick Johnson, Erik Long, Rick Burns, Andrew Morrissey, Chris Wimmer.