This Time It’s Kligerman

THREE WIDE: Park Kligerman, Justin Lofton (6) and Frank Kimmel (44) race three wide at the front of Thursday's ARCA RE/MAX Series race at Kansas Speedway. (ARCA Photo)

THREE WIDE: Park Kligerman, Justin Lofton (6) and Frank Kimmel (44) race three wide at the front of Thursday’s ARCA RE/MAX Series race at Kansas Speedway. (ARCA Photo)

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Parker Kligerman passed Justin Lofton on a green-white-checkered restart and held him off over the final two laps to win the ARCA RE/MAX Series Kansas Lottery 150 Thursday at Kansas Speedway.

The victory, Kligerman’s eighth during his rookie season, narrowed Lofton’s point lead to just 15 heading to Rockingham (N.C.) Speedway for the season finale Sunday.

“I was able to jump a little bit and he spun the tires (on the restart),” Kligerman said. “He kind of went to the inside when he spun it and I just went straight to the outside.”

Kligerman dominated most of the event, but it looked like Lofton was going to steal the victory at the end of the race, having grabbed the lead and held it.

“We were really good for 25-lap runs and then after that we started to lose the right front and I did everything I could, but Justin was coming on strong, really strong,” Kligerman said. “Finally he got by me and I just tried to stay close.”

Lofton had a comfortable 10-car-length lead with six laps left when the final caution flag waved for Jesse Smith’s disabled machine. That set up the final mad dash to the finish following a green-white-checkered restart. Lofton spun the tires on the restart, which allowed Kligerman to zip past. Lofton got close over the final two laps, but not close enough.

“I really had a run going and it could have been very easy for me to just run into his bumper and just to move him out of the way, but he showed respect last week and I was going to do it this week,” Lofton said. “Parker raced me clean at Salem (Ind.) and I was going to do the same thing.”

Grant Enfinger, making his sixth start of the season, collected his fourth top five of the year by finishing third.

“We were just a little bit off this weekend, but to be a little bit off and still finish third is pretty good, especially for our team,” Enfinger said.

Frank Kimmel, who is still winless this season, finished fourth. Beau Slocumb filled the top five.

Kligerman clinched the Bill France Four Crown, a four-race championship consisting of races on four different (short track, dirt track, road course and superspeedway) style tracks.

Lofton and his car owner, Jessica Sharp, clinched the Hoosier Tire Superspeedway Challenge, a separate $75,000 point fund for races on speedway ovals greater than one mile in length.

The finish:
Showing driver, car and laps completed:
  1. Parker Kligerman, Dodge, 103;
  2. Justin Lofton, Toyota, 103;
  3. Grant Enfinger, Ford, 103;
  4. Frank Kimmel, Ford, 103;
  5. Beau Slocumb, Toyota, 103;
  6. Mikey Kile, Chevrolet, 103;
  7. Joey Coulter, Chevrolet, 103;
  8. Steve Arpin, Chevrolet, 103;
  9. Hal Martin, 103, Dodge;
10. Craig Goess, Toyota, 103;
11. Patrick Sheltra, 103, Dodge;
12. Alli Owens, Toyota, 103;
13. Peyton Sellers, Chevrolet, 102;
14. Tom Hessert, Ford, 102;
15. Tim George, Jr., Toyota, 102;
16. Darwin Green, Chevrolet, 102;
17. Nate Monteith, Chevrolet, 102;
18. Tom Berte, Chevrolet, 102;
19. Chase Mattioli, Chevrolet, 101;
20. Bobby Gerhart, Chevrolet, 101;
21. Kory Rabenold, Ford, 101;
22. Lance Fenton, Dodge, 101;
23. Ryan Crane, Dodge, 100;
24. Troy Wangerin, Dodge, 100;
25. Bryan Silas, Ford, 100;
26. Doug Keller, Chevrolet, 100;
27. James Hylton, Ford, 100;
28. Brad Smith, Ford, 98;
29. Jason Basham, Chevrolet, 98;
30. Jeremy Petty, Dodge, 96;
31. Jesse Smith, Chevrolet, 92;
32. Barry Fitzgerald, Ford, 69;
33. Brian Ickler, Toyota, 50;
34. Robb Brent, Dodge, 44;
35. Darrell Basham, Chevrolet, 36;
36. Todd Antrican, Chevrolet,
30; 37. Mike Koch, Chevrolet, 19;
38. Brett Butler, Ford, 9;
39. Jennifer Cobb, Ford, 1;
40. Wayne Peterson, Chevrolet, 0.