Rogers Survives Hickory Pro Cup Wreckfest


Once again the field returned to racing on lap 243, with Morgan really putting the pressure on Rogers. Morgan was all over Rogers when Hopkins and Smith made contact in turn four to bring out the yellow flag on lap 246. That caution flag would force a green-white-checkered restart.

During the first attempt at the green-white-checkered Morgan got a huge jump on Rogers, blasting into turn one with the lead. Unfortunately for Morgan the caution flag waved one more time when Skewes spun down the front stretch just as the field took the white flag. Officials gave the lead back to Rogers for the second green-white-checkered attempt and this time Rogers was able to seal the deal, beating Morgan to the finish for his second-straight victory.

“That is nerve wracking when it comes down to those restarts there and of course it was really nerve wracking when J.P. jumped that second-to-last one,” Rogers said, referencing the first green-white-checkered restart. “He was trying to see if he could get away with it. I got pretty excited there for a second. It was going to get interesting if they hadn’t told him to give it back.”

Morgan had a different opinion of the first green-white-checkered restart.

“We had one restart where we got in front of him and then another caution came out and we got called back,” Morgan said. “That was really probably the only chance we had. I thought I might have something at the end, but their car was really, really strong.”

Defending event winner Tyler Young finished third, followed by Gerchak and Brady Boswell.

The finish:

Clay Rogers, J.P. Morgan, Tyler Young, Eric Gerchak, Brady Boswell, Rusty Skewes, Richard Gould, Stacy Puryear, Dalton Hopkins, Gus Dean, Andrew Smith, John Gibson, Lucas Ransone, Reid Wilson.