VanMeter Is The King Of The Figure-8


INDIANAPOLIS – Eddie VanMeter emerged as the winner of the 43rd annual World Figure-8 Championship on Saturday evening at the Indianapolis Speedrome.

VanMeter started the three-hour endurance race from the fifth position. He completed 486 laps to defeat John Conner Jr. at the checkered flag for his first victory in the event.

The winner took home $20,000 for his efforts.

Buddy Vertrees was third, followed by Tommy St. Johnson and Jeff Harmon.

Mark Tunny, the defending winner of the World Figure-8 Championship, set fast time in qualifying with a 15.982-second lap. He started from the pole, but finished a distant 32nd in the race.

The finish:

Eddie VanMeter, John Conner Jr., Buddy Vertrees, Tommy St. John, Jeff Harmon, Doug Greig, Mike Hadley, Artie Ware, Jeffrey Shackelford, Steve Durham, Doodle Farris, Shawn Senokossoff, Neil Herne III, Bobby Corbin III, Jesse Tunny, Chris Harmon, Donnie Murphy II, Jeff A. Smith, Matt Owen, Donnie Sloan, Matt Smith, Brandon White, Mike Riddle Jr., Jeremy Miller, Bobby Whitaker, Corey Turner, Donnie Garrigus III, Austin Tunny, Jeff Swinford, Calvin Crain, James Edsall, Mark Tunny, Jeff Armour, Ben Tunny, Cory Harmon, Shiner Sutton, Chad Sizemore, Steve Frost, Brayton Laster.