New Engine Packages Approved For Pro Cup


MOORESVILLE, N.C. – Officials with the CARS X-1R Pro Cup Series have announced the series will begin approving several new engine, chassis and body combinations for competition in the 2014 season.

The Hamner Super Late Model Sealed Engine built by Hamner Racing Engines is approved to compete in series competition when used in a Pro Cup built chassis with a Five Star Pro Cup flanged fit body. In addition to the Hamner engine package, the Roush-Yates Spec Engine as supplied by Robert Yates Racing Engines is also approved for competition when used in a newly allowed 105″ or 110″ Grand National chassis with a one piece composite body.

These rule changes are being implemented to hopefully entice competitors with the newly approved equipment to compete with the X-1R Pro Cup Series on a more regular basis without the expense of purchasing totally new equipment. After extensive research and testing, these newly approved engine and car packages, along with the current Pro Cup Series approved packages, will make for close and competitive racing for all competitors going forward.

“We’ve been working on a lot of things this winter to improve our series and the car count for the upcoming 2014 season,” said CARS X-1R Pro Cup Series Owner/President, Jack McNelly. “After researching different options that were out there these were the options we came up with to keep things a level playing field for both current competitors and future ones. Both of these new engine packages along with the new chassis and body option should give folks who already own that equipment an opportunity to race in the Pro Cup Series immediately.”

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