Murphy Masters Elko Truckers


ELKO, Minn. — Camden Murphy was nothing but smiles as he emerged from his truck following the Midwest Truck Tour race as a part of Thunderstruck 93 at Elko Speedway.

Andy Jones and Murphy made up the front row for the 30-lap event and when the green flag waved, Jones managed to keep his truck just ahead of Murphy as the front pair raced side by side.

Murphy was able to edge his way into the lead on lap 7. Jones then was pressured by Jacob VanWazer who quickly took over the second spot. The battle for second allowed Murphy to pull out to a slight lead before VanWazer closed the gap and pulled to the rear bumper of Murphy. The front pair then began to pull away as the action behind began to heat up. Jones, Joshua James, Jonathan Eilen and Natalie Decker raced each other hard for the remaining positions.

Decker was the driver to break from this bunch as she moved to third with ten laps remaining. Unfortunately for her, the race would be run without a caution and she would have to settle for third.

Meanwhile, Murphy was a man on a mission as he managed to take the win by .448 seconds over VanWazer for his first career Midwest Truck Tour win.

“It’s well over due, we’ve been fast all the time, but we’ve just had bad luck,” said Murphy following the race. “For the last year or two, we’ve had the worst luck you could possibly think of. But tonight is well deserved, I can’t thank everyone enough.”


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