Ordway Claims Controversial ISMA Feature


SANDUSKY, Ohio – The Friday racing at Sandusky might not have even happened if it had not been for the perseverance of the speedway’s management to hold out despite a heavy down pour that came just prior to the ISMA qualifying heats.

After a lengthy delay to dry the track and a series of cautions just getting the 40-lapper started, Mike Ordway fought off all adversity to lead the entire way. It was well into the wee hours of Saturday morning when Ordway Sr. brought the Booth 61 into victory lane.

Ironically, had it not been for his main challenger, Mike Lichty, a win might not even occurred. An oil-down of the track and a subsequent spin by Ordway almost put him to the rear.

ISMA rules do not include a spin-to-avoid scenario, and when the yellow flew for Ordway and Benson they were about to be sent to the rear. But Lichty and others argued that this was a different situation. And, they won. Ordway was first to acknowledge the Lichty effort.

“They weren’t going to give me my spot back”, said Ordway. “Everybody argued about it and Mike was one of them. He told the officials to give me my spot back. I have to thank Mike for that. And, I have to thank Mike for not passing me too. He was really putting the pressure on and I didn’t want to make any mistake. The car ran really good tonight. I have to thank Clyde and Susan. Mickey (Morollo) builds and really good engine. Now let’s see what tomorrow brings.”

Lichty, who hounded Ordway for the win ended up a close second, although he might have argued his way out of a first place.

“First of all I want to apologize to all the fans for the slow start getting the race going. And, then there was the oil on the track,” Lichty said. “When Mike and Johnny had spun out I just felt it right to stop and tell them to give those guys their spots back because it wasn’t them who put the oil down. It was just a horrible race track all night long. I think we put on a pretty good show. I was on the inside of Mike a couple of times and might have had him when the caution would come out. I just have to thank everybody on the crew. We’ve had speed this year. We’ve won two races already and this is the weekend we want – Hy-Miler. I just have to thank Reed’s Salvage, Patco Transportation, Dickie, Brian, the whole crew – everybody puts on a great effort, a great teammate and Level Performance for a great motor. Hats off to everybody.”

Mo Lilje drove a long way forward to get to third and he was pleased with the podium finish.

“We worked pretty hard to get what we got. I would have liked to start a little farther toward the front but I pulled the 12 pill. But that’s usual if I pull a pill, that’s where I start. I definitely want to thank all the fans that hung around and stuck it out to watch us. I’d like to thank all the sponsors, Mr. Reed and the whole Reed family for giving me a good hot rod. Now I’m looking forward to the 100-lapper.”

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