Nemechek Joins Son In Lettow Memorial


Joe Nemechek even appears to be a bit envious of John Hunter’s ability at such an early age.

“To race against my son will be a special day,” said Nemechek. “I have been able to help him get up to speed and to see how much talent he has and the desire to succeed is really neat. I just hope the outcome of the race is not too lopsided, as John Hunter will be fast.”

Yet there are always those who will question the young age of racers these days. Especially when they are racing cars at such fast speeds before they can even legally drive a car on the street. Joe is extremely comfortable as well as proud of John Hunter’s ability at his younger age.

“I think John Hunter’s age is good for what experience he has,” said the elder Nemechek. “I wish I was able to start at his age, as I did not start in cars until I was in my 20s. In this day and time the new drivers are starting young and getting lots of good quality experience. Right now I want him to be competitive in any race he is in and gain that racing knowledge that will help with his future. I have helped and coached many young drivers coming up and I definitely see John Hunter’s potential to be a top Cup driver.”

It is probably every father’s dream to see his son succeed, but it might not necessarily be at the father’s expense. While Joe really wants to see his son be competitive and hopefully win races, he probably won’t give away a win if he is in position to beat his son to the checkers.

“If John Hunter and I are racing 1&2 on the final lap you can expect both of us to do everything we can to win and for the bragging rights at home,” said Nemechek. “I hope it will come down to that but there is going to be a lot of good cars there.”

If last year was any indication, the Nemechek’s will be two of those good cars.