Hemric Building On Recent Success


“Friday night was definitely shocking,” said Hemric of his first Southern Super Series victory. “I’ve personally never won a race after crossing the line second, so that was definitely not a characteristic thing. But then to go to Mobile and win it that way, it made it that much better knowing that we were the first one to cross the line and like I said in the interview, it just felt really good to be able to jump off the Carswell Motorsports No. 98 car at Mobile.”

In a series that attracts the Southeast’s top super late model talents that have been racing Super Late Models at places like Five Flags and Mobile since Hemric was still in Legends cars, it is a full time job for Hemric to keep himself and his team in fighting condition week-to-week.

“We just keep working on it,” said Hemric. “Those guys have been doing it for years and years and have been running those tracks for a long time, so I feel like as long as we’re learning every time we’re going to the racetrack, especially to Pensacola and Mobile, then we’re on the right track. Not that they aren’t going to be up there, but I feel like we have a little more leeway to get better week in and week out. And no matter when you’re running with them, they are going to be strong so it’s just a matter of stepping up and making it happen.”

And now the on-track competition isn’t the only thing forcing Hemric to stay at the top of his game. Piloting a brand new Port City Racecar, Hemric is also battling the learning curve that comes with a new piece of equipment.

“I try to think I know everything about it,” said Hemric. “But with it being a new car we are still trying to figure out everything about it. We are getting closer every time we’re on the race track.”