Grill Holds Off Pollard In Montgomery


Pollard made a few runs at Grill, pulling alongside numerous points during the final twenty-five laps, but could never make it past Grill’s door. In the last ten laps, Pollard got particularly creative, diamonding the corner on some laps and on others trying to make a crossover move. But in the end, Grill’s car stuck the best and he used a good launch off turn four coming to take the white to withstand Pollard’s final charge.

“It was a little free there at the beginning of the race, but we just rode around there and I didn’t think I was abusing it,” Grill said as he looked back on the night’s activity. “At the break, we should have made a little adjustment there to make it better, but we were still all right. I guess Bubba was taking care of it for the first 75. I think he was actually a little better than me, but just wasn’t as aggressive as I might have been in that same situation. He didn’t wreck me, we didn’t wreck each other, and here we are with another victory.”

“The restart when he [Pollard] was leading, he chose the inside and that was kind of shocking for me. Bubba’s usually an outside line kind of guy. The car was really good on restarts and would be plain fast for a few laps before it started to get a little free. So I’m glad I was able to get ahead of him when I did because, like I said, I think he was just a tick better than us there at the end.”

Pollard had mixed feelings after the runner-up effort. He has been locked out of Montgomery victory lane since the track was last repaved and the competitor in Pollard always wants especially to beat a rival like Grill. But the second place run was a solid boost to his points lead over 4th place finishing Daniel Hemric and was fantastic in light of a practice crash that hindered the team’s effort Friday afternoon.

“I sure hate that we wrecked the car Friday in practice,” Pollard said after the night’s action. “The guys did a great job fixing it. We tore it up pretty good as we bent the right plate and left front suspension. And to come out here after that and just be able to run with the 112 [Grill] is pretty cool to me. I don’t like running second but I would rather run second putting up a fight than running second a half track behind.”

“I think we could have been in Victory Lane tonight. Our two cars were pretty equal there. I think we had a little better racecar than him in the last 10 laps, but I wasn’t going to rough him up to pass him. I would rather run second than get that bad reputation.”

Garvey wound up third. When Grill and Pollard began to dice it up for the win it seemed as though Garvey had the fastest car on the track. However, he made some contact with the wall exiting onto the backstretch and said his car never felt the same from that point on. Still, the third is Garvey’s best run yet in the Southern Super Series and his team seems to be heading in the right direction with back to back top-five’s.

Hemric was fourth and Stephen Nasse rounded out the top-five.