Dawson Controls Sandusky Supermods


SANDUSKY, Ohio — Bob Dawson has been racing a long time and has achieved a lot of things during that long career, but he couldn’t have picked a better time to win his first ISMA race than on Friday night.

It was a race dedicated to the memory of his car owner’s father Don Reed and to track owner Kevin Jaycox’ dad Ralph. For Bob the win made up for a less than stellar season thus far. Dawson led from start to finish in the 50-lap main and fended off some serious challenges for the win.

Said an emotionally charged Dawson in victory lane, “This makes up for the rough year we’ve had. It makes up for everything. This win is for the whole Reed family. The whole crew has had a rough year but you know what — this makes up for a lot right here. I had some challenges during the race but they had to come and get it. It was there but they couldn’t do it. We finished third last year. We finished second in an ISMA race. We had some feature wins with MSA last year. But, this one tops all of that and it was on Don Reed Memorial night which is very special. I can’t thank the Reed family enough for what they do for us. This is a big team effort and it’s a big team. This feels good when we’re all out here on the front straightaway like this.”

Finishing in second was another Ohioan Dave Shullick Jr. who was pleased with his run also.

“This was a good run. What can I say – ISMA, I love running with them,” Shullick said. “Every car here is a high caliber car. It’s great racing with them. And, every time they come, I thank them for coming. And, thanks to all the fans who came. We couldn’t do this without you.”


Dawson’s teammate Moe Lilje made a sweet podium photo for the Reed Salvage team having gone backwards from the pole and then fighting back up for a third.

race car like that. It just came around on it and it sucks. We had a real good race car. Great job to Bobby and Moe finished third. This one was for Don Reed.”

The finish:

Bob Dawson, Dave Shullick Jr., Moe lilje, Eddie Witkum Jr., Mike Lichty, Jeff Locke, Mark Sammut, Timmy Jedrzejek, A.J. Leasiecki, Craig Rayvals, Lou Cicconi, Tim Ice, Trent Stephens, Gene Lee Gibson, Johnny Benson.