CRA Sportsman Title Fight In Full Swing


A change of venue was next as the CRA circuit took on Baer Field Speedway for the 16th Annual Gold Cup Award. Spillers would claim his second pole of the season with Atkinson just behind him. Lambert, new to the Baer Field track, would qualify eighth, however with the invert Lambert would actually take the green flag in first. But before the racing could commence, the racers participated in a series of heat races and while it didn’t affect the qualifying order, it did contribute significantly to the points. Lambert excelled in the heat race with a second-place finish in his group that provided him with eight valuable points on the chase.

During the race Lambert’s car was a little sluggish in the beginning and several cars passed him quickly. Spillers and Atkinson were coming through the pack as expected. By mid-race Lambert’s car had clearly kicked in and he was making tracks for the front of the pack again, making up ten car lengths in about four laps. Now running in second Lambert headed into turn three in preparation to set the leader up in the next corner. Lambert pulled up on his inside about equal with his door.

There was plenty of room between them, you could hear the crowd going wild. Next thing Lambert knew the leader came across the track sideways and Lambert had nowhere to go. Lambert’s car then spun as well. CRA made the call that since Lambert had spun avoiding a crash, he was placed in first position for the restart. While his car didn’t look bad, in reality, he had a bent wheel, bent suspension and a fairly well messed up front end behind the body work.

Lambert was able to run up front for a while, but ultimately the damage on his car would tone down its abilities and he lost spots and found himself in an intense battle that would ultimately leave him a few inches shy of second. He would take his fourth consecutive third-place finish. In the mayhem Atkinson and Spillers got past Lambert and would stand on top of the podium, giving Atkinson his third win of the season.

Heading into the round six, the mid-point of the season, Atkinson, Spillers and Lambert took a moment to comment on the Championship Points battle that has shaped up between the three. They all agreed that the championship will come down to Winchester, which will host three of the final five points races.