Bickle Plans Full Midwest Tour Schedule


The ARCA Midwest Tour presented by SCAG Power Equipment and Lester Buildings has announced that short track legend and former NASCAR driver Rich Bickle will be competing full time in 2013 and is going to be a part of the famed Touring Star program.

Rich Bickle is a veteran of all three NASCAR divisions in a career that has spanned 36 years. His racing career began in Wisconsin at Jefferson Speedway at age 15. He steadily progressed into super late model racing and won multiple track championships throughout the state of Wisconsin.

He then began racing in traveling divisions racing from Florida to Calgary AB, and from New York to California. Bickle’s 450 victories in short track racing proved his dominance and landed him several opportunities in NASCAR’s top divisions.

The 2013 season appears to be Bickle’s last as a race car driver. He has said this will be his final season, but will continue to race snowmobiles as he has done for many years. The ARCA Midwest Tour is something that Bickle is really looking forward to and hopes to go out with a bang.

“Well, that’s what it’s looking at,” said Bickle. “It’s not that I can’t race a lot longer, but it just came up in my mind that this might be it. So we had a bunch of other things put together and that kind of fell apart. I looked at the schedule and thought I might as well call up Steve (Einhaus) and the boys and see what this thing would look like. We talked a little bit and then a couple of days later we decided to run the series.”