ISMA Drops Lancaster Event From Schedule


OSWEGO, N.Y. – The International Supermodified Ass’n has pulled the June 1 event at New York’s Lancaster Speedway from its schedule.

Due to the prospective sale of the track which has yet to ensue, ISMA’s Board of Directors recently elected to pull the Lancaster race off the schedule.

“Our board made the decision to pull Lancaster from the schedule,” ISMA President Doc Hathaway confirmed. “Since that time, I have heard rumblings to indicate there is a party interested in purchasing the track.”

Whether or not a purchase of the Western New York speedway is now imminent, the June 1 date still remains an open slot on ISMA’s schedule.

“I’ve been asked if Lancaster is still on our schedule and it is not,” Hathaway said. “However, we have not filled that date. If negotiations were to advance to the point where Lancaster becomes a possible race, we would consider it if informed in enough time that our teams could prepare.”

Recently, ISMA was asked to allow two weeks to contemplate any developments that may transpire regarding the track’s sale. The second week in that period is now here.

“I granted two weeks to see how negotiations were advancing, but it is now at the end of our second week,” Hathaway continued. “ISMA would like to thank everyone for their patience in this matter. Lancaster has always been a great track for our Supermodifieds and we will keep you informed as information is received.”

Should ISMA be unable to return to Lancaster on June 1, the tour’s first event would take place two weeks later at the Delaware Speedway in Ontario on Saturday, June 15.