Lester Buildings Supports ARCA Midwest


Lester Buildings is pleased to announce their return as one of the presenting sponsors of the ARCA Midwest Tour. Lester Buildings’ involvement with auto racing goes back over ten years and is continuing to grow in support of the series.

Larry Lembrich, the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing explained his company’s history and involvement with the ARCA Midwest Tour.

“Lester Buildings involvement with race sponsorships began approximately ten years ago with our sponsorship of Tim Sauter, former ASA Champion, and NASCAR driver,” said Lembrich. “Tim immediately exposed us to the sport, the fans, and the business side of racing. Soon after, we became involved in the ASA National Tour and as we were about ready to ink the deal as Series Title Sponsor with Steve Dale, the series was shut down. It was natural for us to become involved with the Midwest Tour as it began to launch its series, and today we are happy to be involved with the ARCA Midwest Tour and anxious to be a part of its future growth platforms. During these years we were also involved with sponsorship of Tim Sauter in both the Nationwide Tour and Craftsman Truck Series on the NASCAR side. The bottom line is we understand the dedication and loyalty that race fans have not only for their driver, but for the sport, and for its sponsors. So we feel race sponsorships are vital to providing marketing push and advertising impressions for our business.”

Lester Buildings began designing, engineering, manufacturing, and constructing post frame buildings in 1947. Today they enjoy working with customers in 35 states. They have a dedicated work group that is very customer focused, and takes great pride in providing high quality products. They work closely with customers to provide a partnership in a “let’s plan for excellence” relationship.

ARCA Midwest Tour Vice President Steve Einhaus discussed the relationship with Lester Buildings.

“Our relationship with Lester has been exceptional in many ways,” said Einhaus. “They are very supportive of our efforts and have been a major part of our success as a series. I believe their biggest attribute is that they are always trying to help us focus on the future and how we can make the partnership better for all parties involved. That is a great sign that they care about the series and they recognize the good things happening now, but at the same time they are always looking ahead and we couldn’t ask for more out of a sponsor.”

Specific details about their complete involvement are still in the works, but Lembrich says that they are committed to the ARCA Midwest Tour for the long haul.

“Currently we are committed to be involved with the ARCA Midwest Tour as a sponsor and we are currently in the midst of not only extending the relationship, but taking it to a higher level. Details forthcoming,” said Lembrich.