ARCA Trucks Add Ford As Engine Option


MILLERSPORT, Ohio — The Phoenix Management Group has reached a multi-year agreement with the Ford Motor Co. to use the Ford S347 JR V8 sealed race engine in the ARCA Truck Series.

“We are very happy to be on board with the ARCA Truck Series,” said Mike Delahanty, program manager of Ford’s Sportsman Circle Track Racing. “This is a superior race engine which will allow the competitors years of success at an economical price.”

Any team which uses the Ford S347JR engine and scores a victory will receive a $200 bonus from Ford Racing. If no Ford S347JR wins, then the highest finishing S347JR will receive $100.

In addition to the bonus, at the 2011 ARCA Truck Series Championship Banquet, Ford Racing will recognize the top three Ford S347JR powered teams with bonuses of $200, $100, and $50 respectively. Ford racing has also guaranteed pricing on rebuilds, from cylinder head service, short block service, to a complete rebuild thru the 2013 race season.

“Having the support of Ford Racing in the ARCA Truck Series will not only allow the competitors to have more choices for under the hood of their trucks, but shows the racing community the strength and the stability of the series,” said Tom Cumbow, general manager of the ARCA Truck Series.

The S347JR Ford engines will be sold exclusively through a designated warehouse. All engines purchased in the program will be delivered to the competitor’s race shops, which is included in the purchase price.

Any competitor, who purchases a Ford S347JR engine that is not from the designated warehouse will have to have it re-certified before it can be run in the ARCA Truck Series.