AMCS Adds Pavement Series For ’15


ANDERSON, Ind. – The American Motorsports Challenge Series announced on Tuesday the the formation of a new pavement series to debut in the 2015 racing season.

“After careful consideration and receiving much input from many team owners, drivers, crew personnel, sponsors, and fans, we realized that the same sentiment kept coming to the top of each of our conversations,” said Jeff Richardson Sr., president of AMCS. “That sentiment being simply that people miss the way racing used to be back in the day.”

He added, “With that in mind, we feel that the time is right for the AMCS to debut a new series with something of an old flavor – the Wedge Late Model Series.”

The series, AMCS Technical Director Jeff Richardson Jr. said, will utilize the standard offset late model chassis with a fabricated aluminum “non cookie cutter” body much like the cars used in the former Magnum Oil Series.

“While kicking this idea around,” he added, “we have received a high volume of calls from owners, drivers, and sponsors expressing interest in participating in the series as well as considerable interest from fans and media.”

The technical director also said cars already running with “template” bodies will be welcome in the new series. “This is basically a series for late model chasses with either wedge or template bodies. We will allow standard late model offset or perimeter chassis.

We don’t want to rule anyone out. We’re hearing comments from people who don’t seem to have anyplace to race in the area where we plan to be running. We’re looking at ways through our rules so perimeter chassis or template bodies will not be placed at a disadvantage.”

Although the Wedge Late Model Series will be the primary division of competition in the AMCS, the series has plans to sanction a few special outlaw Figure 8 events, as well as some dirt and karting events.