$10,000 To Win Howie Lettow Memorial


The highest-finishing driver from the 2012 Snowball Derby that does not transfer to the Howie Lettow Memorial 150 through qualifying procedures will be awarded a provisional starting position.

Also, provisional spots will be awarded to the highest non-qualifying driver from the Southern Super Series and the ARCA/CRA Super Series as of the ARCAFEST/Lettow Memorial event. A final provisional starting position will be granted to the non-qualifying driver with the earliest post-marked entry date.

“We were very impressed with the support we received from other parts of the country at last year’s event and I look forward to even more this year,” added Einhaus. “We don’t get to see a lot of the guys (and gals) very often and I was very thankful that they came up to race. That is why we decided to add some special provisionals for ARCA/CRA, Snowball Derby, the new Southern Super Series and a important one by post mark entry date. The earlier drivers enter, the better their chances for a provisional.

“We have a high amount of respect for the promoters in all of those areas and they have some of the best racers. The added provisionals can put those that are eligible at ease about traveling up to Milwaukee.”

To help the racers making the trip to Milwaukee a bit easier on the pocketbook, ARCAMT Officials are also keeping this year’s Lettow 150 a six-tire race. Also, ARCA Midwest Tour rules for the event, which can be found at www.arcamidwesttour.com, have been opened up to the Progressive Racing Engines sealed engine that is popular in Super Late Model Series throughout the Southeast.

“We have tried to look at this event very closely on the technical side of things and now that we are so very close to everyone across the country, it will make things so much easier for the travelers,” said ARCAMT President Tim Olson. “We have had a large amount of requests from the southern drivers to consider the Progressive motor as an option so we have made a provision for them after doing some testing on the package. I think now we can be safe to say, we are opening our arms to everyone that wants to experience this event.”

Additional procedural changes for racers include a change to the tire selection process for the Lettow 150 and an earlier, optional parking opportunity. Tire selection will be based on the top 15 in ARCA Midwest Tour first, followed by post mark entry date.

The earlier you enter, the higher up on the list for tire selections and provisional. Teams will be able to park their rigs Sunday evening July 7 if they so choose. All the transporters must be parked Monday morning, July 8.