LIST: Eldora Speedway Kings Royal Winners

Kings ROyal
Donny Schatz has won the last two editions of the Kings Royal. (Frank Smith Photo)

Created by Earl Baltes in 1984, the Kings Royal at Eldora Speedway has become one of the marquee sprint car events not just in the United States, but in the world.

In the more than 30 years that the event has existed, 18 drivers have worn the crown as the winner of the Kings Royal. Below is a complete list of all the Kings Royal winners through the year.

Who will add their name to the list this year? We’ll find out tonight when theĀ Kings Royal takes place at Ohio’s Eldora Speedway.

Kings Royal Winners

1984 Steve Kinser

1985 Doug Wolfgang

1986 Don Kreitz Jr.

1987 Jac Haudenschild

1988 Steve Kinser

1989 Bobby Davis Jr.

1990 Doug Wolfgang

1991 Steve Kinser

1992 Sammy Swindell

1993 Dave Blaney

1994 Jac Haudenschild

1995 Dave Blaney

1996 Johnny Herrera

1997 Steve Kinser

1998 Jac Haudenschild

1999 Sammy Swindell

2000 Dale Blaney

2001 Mark Kinser

2002 Joey Saldana

2003 Steve Kinser

2004 Jason Sides

2005 Steve Kinser

2006 Joey Saldana

2007 Donny Schatz

2008 Daryn Pittman

2009 Donny Schatz

2010 Steve Kinser

2011 Tyler Walker

2012 Sammy Swindell

2013 Brad Sweet

2014 Kerry Madsen

2015 Shane Stewart

2016 Donny Schatz

2017 Donny Schatz