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Editor’s Note: Steve Kinser is in the midst of his Salute To The King tour during his final season of racing the full World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series schedule. His wife, Dana, has been by his side through most of his sprint car racing career. SPEED SPORT contributor Keith Waltz sat down with Dana Kinser and got her perspective on couple’s past, present and future life on the road. Here’s an excerpt from Keith’s story that appeared in the August issue of SPEED SPORT Magazine.

By Keith Waltz

Steve & Dana Kinser graced the cover of the August 2014 edition of SPEED SPORT Magazine.
Steve & Dana Kinser graced the cover of the August 2014 edition of SPEED SPORT Magazine.

Steve Kinser and Dana Snyder were married in April 1982 and for 32 years they have been on one of the most amazing journeys in auto racing history. And that journey has included raising three children — Stevie, Kraig and Kurt — while crisscrossing the country countless times.

Ironically, living a nomadic life is part of Dana Kinser’s Native American heritage.

“My grandmother was a full-blooded Native American, and when I was young she used to tell me stories all the time when I would stay with her,” Dana Kinser recalled. “Then when we were in a motorhome and we went there, she was telling us that the members of our tribe (the Ho-Chunk tribe) were nomadic people.

“As I was told the stories, the women worked really hard and when they would leave camp it was their responsibility to pack up the household and take care of the kids,” she added. “I always felt like that; trying to raise a family and provide the support the family needed. I felt like it was appropriate that the responsibility fell on my shoulders to try and keep balance in everybody else’s life.”

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Keith Waltz
Keith Waltz has written about auto racing since first joining the SPEED SPORT staff in January 1983. He has worked alongside racing legends Chris Economaki, Darrell Waltrip and H.A. “Humpy” Wheeler during his career.