Vander Weerd Wires Santa Maria


SANTA MARIA, Calif. – Richard Vander Weerd led all 30 laps en route to victory in Saturday’s USAC West Coast Sprint Car Series event at Santa Maria Speedway.

Vander Weerd jumped into the lead during the opening lap and never gave up that position for the remainder of the race, beating Markus Niemela to the finish line.

Ryan Bernal crossed the line third, followed by Andy Ferris and Jace Vander Weerd.

The finish:

Richard Vander Weerd, Markus Niemela, Ryan Bernal, Andy Ferris, Jace Vander Weerd, D.J. Netto, Bud Kaeding, Rusty Carlile, Jeff Sibley, Danny Faria Jr., Landon Hurst, Kevin Barnes, Bruce Douglass, Victor Davis, Cotton Farmer, Mike Larsen.