USAC Sanctioning Plymouth 600 Sprints


PLYMOUTH, Ind. – Seventeen weekly events and a special “race4life” are on the calendar for the inaugural season of Traxxas USAC 600 Sprint racing in 2013 at the Plymouth Speedway.

One of the fastest growing motorsport disciplines in America will compete at the three-eighths-mile and fifth-mile dirt Plymouth ovals beginning April 13 and continuing through the Aug. 24 Season Championships. The USAC 600 Sprints will only compete on the special built fifth-mile clay oval.

The “Open” class will comprise both winged and non-winged events, while the “Restrictor” class will utilize the wings only. Criteria for inclusion in year-end point funds and prizes includes USAC membership and competition in at least 75% of the scheduled events. The top five in the year-end points will each receive a Traxxas remote-controlled truck as part of his championship package.

Champions of the 2013 Traxxas 600 Sprint Series, both Open and Restricted, will be honored at the USAC “Night of Champions” National Awards ceremony in December in Indianapolis, Ind.