USAC Matching Grant For Leffler Fund

Jason Leffler sits in his No. 13 sprinter at Volusia Speedway Park in Florida in February of this year. (Paul Arch Photo)
Jason Leffler sits in his No. 13 sprinter at Volusia Speedway Park in Florida in February of this year. (Paul Arch Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS – The USAC Benevolent Foundation announced today a matching, dollar-for-dollar grant for a Charlie Dean Leffler Educational Fund.

“After serious consideration, the Board of Directors of the Benevolent Foundation decided that a Matching Dollar Grant offer be utilized exclusively for the future educational needs of Charlie Dean, Jason Leffler’s five year old son,” said Bill Marvel, Executive Director of the 301-3c designated Foundation. “To insure a sum that will assist Charlie’s future educational needs, the Foundation’s Board of Directors announced that for every dollar donated to Charlie’s future education, the Foundation will match it, dollar for dollar, up to $25,000. When it reaches the $25,000 it will be then combined to the Foundation’s match and will increase the Fund Grant to $50,000. All donations received, including those received after the possible $50,000 matching Fund Grant is reached, will be ear marked for Charlie’s educational needs, aside from provisions established by Jason.”

Charlie’s mother, Alison Leffler, expressed gratitude following the announcement.

“I am deeply touched that you have set up a college fund for Charlie through the USAC Benevolent Foundation,” Alison Leffler said.

Earlier today, Harry Scott Jr., co-owner of Turner Scott Motorsports and one of three Trustees of the Charlie Dean Leffler Discretionary Trust, released a statement regarding the two separate funds that have been started for Jason Leffler’s son, Charlie. Officials with the USAC Benevolent Foundation echoed Mr. Scott’s statement indicating that everyone at the USAC Benevolent Foundation is going to work with everyone associated with the Charlie Dean Leffler Discretionary Trust to ensure that all monies raised, regardless of which fund they come through, go directly to caring for Charlie Dean Leffler and his needs.

Donations for the Educational Grant Fund can be easily made on Pay Pal by logging onto the USAC website at, scrolling down the right side, clicking on the “Donate” button under Jason’s name and following the prompts.

All contributions earmarked for the Charlie Dean Leffler Educational Fund, may be directed to the USAC Benevolent Foundation, c/o Executive Director Bill Marvel, 4910 W. 16th Street Speedway, Speedway, Ind. 46224. Bill may be reached at 859-749-0646 or [email protected] Donations should be earmarked for this program.

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