Swanson Tops Eight-Car Southwest Field


PEORIA, Ariz. — Starting third, Jake Swanson took command from R.J. Johnson on the 19th circuit and led the rest of the way to claim the opening night of the fourth annual Steve Stroud Memorial at Canyon Speedway Park.

Piloting John Grau and Mike Burkhart ‘s No. 34az Stratis Construction / Team AZ Racing DRC, Swanson’s $2,000 victory was the third Sands Chevrolet USAC Southwest Sprint Car win of his career. “

Charles Davis Jr., Johnson, Stevie Sussex and “Austin Williams rounded out the top five.

Swanson opened the new season with top honors in Beaver Stripes Qualifying by posting a time of 13.616 over the eight-car roster.

The finish:

Feature (30 laps): 1. Jake Swanson (3), 2, Charles Davis Jr. (4), 3. R.J. Johnson (1), 4. Stevie Sussex (2), 5. Austin Williams (6), 6. Kyle Shipley (7), 7. Michael Curtis (5), 8. Stephen Sanchez (8).