Justin Grant Files Oval Nationals Entry

Justin Grant is among the latest to file an entry for the Budweiser Oval Nationals. (Doug Allen photo)

PERRIS, Calif. – USAC National Sprint Car Series point leader Justin Grant leads the latest batch of entries for the 22nd annual Budweiser Oval Nationals presented by All Coast Construction at Perris Auto Speedway.

Also among the latest entries are contenders Brody Roa, Chad Boespflug and Tyler Thomas.

A healthy field of 43 sprint cars have entered the prestigious race. The field includes drivers from eight different states and New Zealand.

Below is the complete entry list as of Oct. 24:

Austin Williams, Damion Gardner, Chris Gansen, Mike Spencer, Logan Williams, Chris Windom, Max Adams, Tommy Malcolm, Sterling Cling, Joe Stornetta, Kevin Thomas Jr., Richard Vander Weerd, Justin Grant, Danny Faria Jr., Tyler Thomas, Brady Short, Hunter Schuerenberg, Alec Bender, Landon Cling, Tyler Courtney, Matt McCarthy, C.J. Leary, Chase Stockon, Kyle Edwards, Stevie Sussex, Cody Williams, Eddie Tafoya, Isaac Chapple, Ryan Bernal, Chad Boespflug, Dave Darland, Carson Macedo, Josh Hodges, Michael Pickens, Austin Liggett, Jace Vander Weerd, Randy Waitman, Brody Roa, Jake Swanson, Verne Sweeney, Jeremy Ellertson, TBA (two).