It’s Bacon In Indiana Sprint Week Opener

Brady Bacon celebrates winning the Indiana Sprint Week opener at Plymouth Speedway. (Gary Gasper photo)

PLYMOUTH, Ind. — Brady Bacon won Friday night’s NOS Energy Drink Indiana Sprint Week opener at Plymouth Speedway.

It was Bacon’s third career Indiana Sprint Week triumph and came aboard the Brady Bacon Racing/Elliott’s Custom Trailers & Carts – Tony Elliott Foundation/Triple X/Rider Chevy.

“We actually had a tire going down at the end,” Bacon said.  “It had a hole in it, but that actually helped me a little on the restart.  I didn’t know I had a hole in the tire until (the crew) told me after the race.”

Bacon also had to beat the rain en route to victory.

“I was trying to go as fast as I could,” Bacon said.  “I thought we had a decent window there.  We got pushed off pretty quickly and the track didn’t take long to work in.  You try to get to the front as fast as you can always because you never know when a yellow’s going to fall or when the track’s going to change.”

At the start of the 30-lapper, outside front row starter Chase Stockon raced to the lead outside pole sitter Isaac Chapple following a side-by-side battle into turns one and two.

Chapple instantly fought back on the following lap, driving to the inside of Stockon off the exit of two before Stockon stuck the point entering turn three where he paced the field for the entirety of the first half.

By the 15th circuit, Bacon had been making substantial gains a lane higher than Stockon. Stockon managed to fend off the Bacon charge by a wheel at the line to lead the lap. Stockon hurried into turn one, sliding up in front of Bacon. Bacon hunkered down underneath Stockon’s lost momentum, snaring the lead for himself on the 16th lap.

On the 21st lap, Chris Windom became a player in the game as he slipped past Stockon for second and went hunting after Bacon entering lapped traffic. Windom advanced on Bacon to pull within a couple car lengths. Bacon tussled with the lapped cars of Matt Westfall and Shane Cottle for a time before clearing the airway on lap 23.

The feature’s lone yellow flag waved with six laps to go when Robert Ballou was turned around on the back straightaway while running ninth.

On the lap-25 restart, wide open spaces on the highway lie ahead for Bacon with traffic not playing a role in how this one would be decided. Bacon ran the middle between turns three and four and the bottom of turns one and two with Windom on the scent a few car lengths back. Though Windom appeared to cut the interval down on the entry into the corner, Bacon always was able to launch off the exits to stretch it out time and time again.

Bacon would be unbeatable down the stretch as he defeated Windom by seven tenths of a second.  Dave Darland ran third ahead of Justin Grant and Tyler Courtney, who blitzed from 12th to fifth.

“I slipped up in lapped traffic a couple times and it slowed me down a little bit, but once I got by them, I knew it was going to be hard for anybody to pass me,” Bacon said. “On the restart, I was a little afraid the top was starting to come in. I thought I was kind of a sitting duck there.  I was able to not make too many big mistakes. I made a couple, but none big enough and we were able to hold them off.”

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