It’s A Swanson Sweep At Bullring


LAS VEGAS — Jake Swanson led the final 18 laps to win Saturday night’s 30-lap HPD USAC Western Ignite Midget feature at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Bullring, completing a weekend “sweep.”

Friday night’s winner beat Bryant Dawson to the line Saturday, trailed by Chris Lamb, Shawn Buckley and Jarid Blondel.

Christine Breckenridge, Lamb and Dawson all led laps before Swanson took over.

The finish:
Jake Swanson, Bryant Dawson, Chris Lamb, Shawn Buckley, Jarid Blondel, Christine Breckenridge, Jeff Kelley, Cody Jessop, Michael Fanelli, Tyler Ankrum, Toni Breidinger, Marina Turner, Ron Hazelton, Annie Breidinger.