Golobic Sweeps Up At Calistoga

Shane Golobic swept both midget features during the Louie Vermeil Classic. (Devin Mayo photo)

CALISTOGA, Calif. — Shane Golobic continued his weekend’s domination of the Napa Valley half-mile oval, claiming a clean sweep of the Louie Vermeil Classic, winning by more than a full straightaway for the second consecutive night at Calistoga Speedway.

“I’ve tried to win this race so many times and this has been a long time coming,” said he said.  “It’s a dream come true,” added Golobic, who has come close to winning the Louie Vermeil Classic several times but has had only flat tires and mechanical problems to show for it.  “Out of the 20 midget main events there have been in the Louie Vermeil classic, I think I’ve led at least 12 of them,” he contended.

In the early laps Alex Schutte and Ronnie Gardner ran nose to tail in close race of their own, but on lap four they touched on the backstretch.  Both cars bounced in the air and landed on all four wheels, but the contact caused a scramble among the cars behind them.

As Schutte and Gardner regrouped and cars around them tried to avoid contact, Michael Faccinto and Ryan Bernal threaded their way through the chaos to claim the second and third spots, where they ultimately finished. “Cars were scattered all over the place so I just picked a lane and went for it,” said Faccinto.

“I felt like I was stronger than Faccinto, but there was just no way to get around him,” said Bernal about settling for third.

Colby Copeland won the sprint car feature.

The finish:

Shane Golobic, Michael Faccinto, Ryan Bernal, Alex Schutte, Robby Josett, Robert Dalby, David Prickett, Ronnie Gardner, C.J. Sarna, Johnathon Henry, Marvin Mitchell, Randi Pankratz, Kyle Beilman.