Golobic Goes At Petaluma


PETALUMA, Calif. — Shane Golobic led the final seven laps to win the inaugural Johnny Soares Classic USAC Western Midget Series race at Petaluma Speedway.

Fast-qualifier Shannon McQueen took the lead on lap 27 and dominated the middle stages of the race, which ran 101 laps of the quarter-mile oval.

But Golobic shot around McQueen on lap 94 and led to the checkered flag.

McQueen finished second ahead of Tanner Swanson, David Prickett and Greg Bragg.

The finish:

Shane Golobic, Shannon McQueen, Tanner Swanson, David Prickett, Greg Bragg, Chris Ennis, Rick Holbrook, Gary Conterno, Nick Chivello, Alex Schutte, Danny Parker, Frankie Guerrini, Scott Pierovich, Britton Bock, Sparky Howard, Connor Kassik, Floyd Alvis, Pete Davis, Bill Lindsey, J.R. Williams.