Schatz Gets Flat Tire & Pittman Triumphs


McMahan used a second-place finish to cement himself into second in the championship standings over a pressing Schatz.

“We were a little tight in the heat race and the dash and my crew made some small adjustments in the five minutes before the main event,” said McMahan. “We made all the right choices on the race car and the car was pretty good. We got fortunate that Donny got a flat tire and it moved me into third and that helped me because it moved me to the inside for the restart and we were able to get around Cody after his motor stumbled.”

Darrah was able to run a convincing third after a small motor issue cost him on the final restart.

“It’s fun to come here, it’s an awesome facility and it’s just really tough for them to get a good track when you get all this heat and all this wind,” said Darrah. “It was a 180 from last night, our results-wise and track-wise. We were pretty close when Donny got the flat and I was really looking forward to trying to get a 1-2 for Kasey Kahne Racing. I felt like when we were in lapped traffic with 1-2-3 in the same corner, I felt like my car was the best of them when we were in dirty air, but we were just a little too free in clean air.”

Schatz was running away in front after starting on the pole of the dash and leading Pittman and Darrah to the checkered flag. His early race stranglehold on the lead looked to be unbreakable until a flat tire sent him to the back of the pack. Schatz would restart the race and still earn a top 10 by finishing ninth.