Reshaped Devil’s Bowl Next For ASCS


Speaking with Lanny Ross Edwards, son of Devil’s Bowl founder Lanny Edwards, the configuration focused mainly on turn two because it was hindering the drivers ability to manipulate the corner.

“There were sliding off turn two, and getting to where it just wasn’t very racy off of turn two. If you weren’t on the bottom you just didn’t have a chance of passing nobody,” said Edwards.

Asked to what degree the track was changed, Edwards replied, “I cut it down into the infield about 20 feet, put a little more bank into it, not much but it seems like it has more bank ‘cause the way I’ve cut it down into the infield. It made the track a lot shorter.”

Questioned about how well he believes the improvements will shape up, the reply was confident, “There’ll probably be two, three grooves, possibly four grooves coming off two now.

In regards to the other end of the track, Edwards indicated that some changes were made in turn four, but were minimal. Lanny Ross gave no indication as to whether or not any additional changes to the surface would be made prior to the Spring Nationals and Matt Clevenger Memorial.