Editor’s Note: Ryan Robinson, 17, is the current Lucas Oil POWRi National Midget League points leader and one of six Keith Kunz Motorsports racers competing during POWRi’s annual Illinois Speed Week. From June 6-10, Robinson will be sharing his experiences with SPEED SPORT readers while competing during the five-race stretch. 

Robinson drives the No. 71 Abreu Vineyards Toyota-powered midget for Kunz. Below is his first diary entry. Illinois Speed Week week was set to continue tonight at Macon Speedway, but that event has been rained out. Illinois Speed Week will now wrap up Sunday at Lincoln Speedway.

Ryan Robinson

JACKSONVILLE, Ill. – Racing sure has its ups and its downs.

As a driver it’s very important to try and level out your ups and downs. For some that comes easy and for some, not so much. It’s something that I have been working on as a driver this year quite a bit.

The night at Jacksonville started off with another heat race win. It’s nice to start on the pole of these heat races and get out in the lead quick, but it doesn’t do a lot for your points. That put us starting 11th in the feature.

Early on in the race we were racing pretty hard for some spots inside the top-10. I had to get on the brakes to avoid a car and I locked up the brakes, stalling the motor. It is pretty easy to do on these small tracks. I got hit from behind and it caused us to turn over.

Nothing was broke so I fired back off. I knew I still had a really fast race car. We worked our way all the way back up to second, passing Zach Daum in the final few laps.

I told Logan Seavey, who won the race, afterwards if we didn’t have to make some pit stops during these races we would have a shot at him. That had us both laughing!