Shuman Family: From Racers To Promoters

Casey Shuman (75) is carrying on the Shuman family racing legacy. (Connor Hamilton Photo)

The name Shuman is synonymous with success in short-track racing.

Ron Shuman was the first driver to win the famed Triple Crown of dirt racing in the 1970s when he captured the Western World, Pacific Coast Nationals and Knoxville Nationals titles. His illustrious career featured eight Turkey Night Grand Prix victories, wins in the Hoosier Hundred and Hut 100, and seven SCRA and CRA championships.

The achievements led to Shuman being inducted into the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame, Midget Hall of Fame and Arizona Motorsports Hall of Fame.

His son, Casey, is a chip off the old block. He has earned approximately 50 victories, including a triumph in Australia, along with the Lincoln Park Speedway track title in 2014 and the WAR Sprint Car Series championship in 2015.

The accolades go on and on for Ron and Casey Shuman, who have each recently jumped into a different role within the racing industry. While Casey Shuman continues to put on his helmet to race sparingly, both he and his father now wear a promoter’s cap.
Ron Shuman and his wife, Paula, took over the lease at Wildcat Raceway in Tucson, Ariz., earlier this year, while Casey Shuman is in his second full season as the owner of the WAR Sprint Car Series.

“I’ve been really critical of promoters the past few years,” the 37-year-old Casey Shuman said. “I thought there was a lot of things they could and should be doing different. It was something to do to see what it was like to try to promote an event throughout the night and then to show them we could do it different.

“It’s really important because if you look around there’s not a lot of young promoters. We have to do something to get young fans into this deal. We need to work on attracting new fans. There’s more to do with your dollar than back in the day. We’re competing with a lot of people to get people at the track on the weekend.”

Shuman has implemented a new focus for the series, pushing for the teams to earn more money both in race purses and the point fund as well as creating better interaction between the drivers and the fans. He also announced a partnership with POWRi to create the Lucas Oil POWRi WAR Sprint Car Series.

“Over the winter we merged with POWRi and that’s been huge,” he said. “Right away that opened us up to having Lucas Oil as the title sponsor. We have some MAVTV events this year. It took our little series and has blown it up. We hit it hard with social media last year and did everything we could budget-wise. That’s taken us to another level.”

The new series opened in the Shuman’s home state of Arizona, which led to a series of events that resulted in Ron and Paula Shuman getting into the promoter’s role full time.

“It’s a funny story of how it all got started,” Paula Shuman said. “Casey came out here with his series. The first race I went to (Feb. 4 at Wildcat Raceway) I stayed in with the grandbaby. When I looked in the stands I saw there weren’t very many people there. I thought Ron and I will offer our help. Surely we can come up with some type of support system.”

To make a long story short, the Wildcat Raceway promoter elected to cancel an upcoming Lucas Oil POWRi WAR Sprint Car Series doubleheader in the middle of February.